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The #1 Factor that Impacts a Person’s Commitment to Where They Work

Learn to leverage it and maximize employee engagement.

How would you respond to, “I know what’s expected of me at work?”

An enthusiastic yes? A moderate agree? Disagree? Strongly disagree?

How you answer is likely a strong indicator of just how committed you are to your workplace. In other words, high employee engagement requires clear expectations. It’s why Clear & High Expectations is an integral element of The Formula we created.

Clear expectations mean not only defining a job but ensuring you’ve defined success on the job. Whether or not you’re a manager with people reporting to you, you can help ensure you know what success looks like by continually asking questions and seeking clarity.

how to ask impactful questions at work

Questions for Reflection

If you are a manager, you can help deliver clear expectations by sharing vision, expectations, and re-stating it regularly to arrive at clarity. If you’re not a manager, don’t sit back and wait for expectations to suddenly become clear. Just like any workplace communication, it’s a two-way street. Ask questions, self-reflect, and re-state the expectations you arrive at to ensure total clarity.

Ask Yourself:

  • What are the measures used to evaluate the performance of our team and each other?
  • How do I/we set objectives as a team?
  • How often do I sit down with my manager/team members and discuss their progress?
working as a team to define expectations

Ask Your Team:

  • What do you get paid to do? How does this help us achieve our team’s goals?
  • List your personal goals for the year. What do you wish to accomplish?
  • What are the standards for a great performance in your role? What are your points of comparison?
  • Have you talked to your peers in the past six months about what they expect of you? What did you learn?
  • Have you talked to your internal customers in the past six months about what they expect of you? What did you learn?
  • What does excellence look like in your current role?

Keep Asking Questions

If your expectations at work still aren’t clear, don’t stop asking questions. Seek out impact and value conversations. Winning as a team can only happen if you actually know what winning looks like – so ask about it and pursue it. It takes one person being committed to doing this well to arrive at clear expectations.

workplace culture assessment and calibration

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