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How To Be More Successful at Work

Use Our Proven Formula to Operate with Excellence, No Matter the Task.

How you work is as important as the work that you do.

It’s probably not something you typically think about when faced with getting a project done. But it should be. If you’re at all interested in not just getting a project done, but getting it done in the most excellent and efficient way possible, this thought should be the starting point for every task that comes before you. On a bigger scale, it’s an extremely effective way to think about everything at work–strategy, delegation, culture, careers, company direction–everything.

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Maximize “How You Work”

When all members of an organization are in sync, it creates momentum and progress which has no barriers.

We created The Formula to serve as a high-level overview, a roadmap if you will, for how to achieve unity and excellence no matter the challenge before us. Each element within The Formula serves as a checkpoint to ensure that key considerations are made and the right questions are asked.

Careful attention to each individual element within The Formula will help you be more successful at work and beyond. Make these elements a part of everything you do at work, and you’re sure to become a higher performer individually as well as a better teammate and leader for others.


Vision helps people align so they can easily (and correctly) take action. It’s a clear articulation of where something is heading and why it is heading that way. It’s what gives you your purpose in any given task. Individuals that develop a clear vision and tie it to a strong purpose are more likely to succeed.

Clear & High Expectations

We are all capable of more than we know and high expectations will help you achieve greatness. But, we are all in different places, absorbing and understanding things differently. If you put five people in a room, it’s likely they will have differing expectations of a given project’s result, of what a “high” expectation is to them. That’s why it’s important to ensure the expected outcome is direct, tangible, and agreed upon by all parties involved. How each person gets there can vary, but the final product must be delivered in unity.


This is where all the work is happening and why aligning on the previous steps are so important. Autonomy means taking ownership over what you do and the results you create. If vision is tangibly articulated and clear and high expectations are set, each individual now has the opportunity to work autonomously with confidence. An environment with great autonomy looks like employees working–making independent decisions and progress–which are all highly aligned. There should be no excuses offered and none accepted. Only individuals dedicated to delivering the best results.

Support & Accountability

This final element is vital as a team works toward achieving its goals. Support and accountability involve owning the responsibility to recognize and celebrate successes and support each other where strengths are weaker. How well you do this is the ultimate measure of how well you work as a team. It’s not always easy, but everyone needs to be responsible for taking action, making progress, and seeking out feedback. You should never feel like you are on your own.

The Most Important Part

The beauty of The Formula is that it is a two-way street. Leaders should be following the formula to set employees up to be successful, but employees also need to be seeking information from leaders and other resources to ensure alignment. Speak up and ask questions if any piece of the formula is missing.

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