Give Recognition Even When It’s “Just Doing My Job”

Written by John Spanczak

Gallup, a powerhouse in research around employee engagement, states that employees should receive praise at least every seven days. Do you know how many leaders have pushed back on that claim? “What if my employees are not doing something worth recognition every seven days? Why should I recognize someone for just doing their job?”    

Here lies the deep-rooted problem: our perception of excellence. If we set the bar high with our expectations of excellence, then “getting the job done” is a sign of someone advancing your mission, values, strategy, and goals. Progression in these vital elements of business is worth recognition.    

We provide recognition for two reasons.   


We demonstrate alignment to the most important things. When we let someone know they are doing a good job, we are affirming that the way they are working is producing results that lead to progress.   


We are inspiring others to do great work. By showing praise for one employee, we are endorsing how they are working and encouraging others to do the same.    

We should all expect greatness in ourselves and inspire it in others. If we expect excellence in our work, then “just doing your job” is worthwhile. It means you are making a meaningful impact in alignment with your mission, values, strategy, and goals.    

And if you are still wondering if your teammates are doing something worth recognizing every seven days, then perhaps you need to raise your bar of stated expectations or consider whether you have the right players in the game.    

What do you think? We’d love to hear your perspective on the importance of recognition, and how you’re providing it.  

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