Demystifying Engagement

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now—and for good reason. It can mean the difference between success and failure for your organization. It separates the problem solvers from the box-checkers. So, what is engagement exactly, and how can you cultivate it in your workplace?

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Commitment and aligned action to your mission, values, strategies, and goals.

A lot of people think high employee satisfaction leads to a higher level of engagement (and motivation, productivity, etc.). The truth is that someone can be satisfied with their job but not necessarily motivated or engaged to be productive. Consider these differences:


A satisfied employee is:

  • Happy with their compensation
  • Pleased with their work schedule
  • Feels their needs are being met by their employer
  • Content



An engaged employee is:

  • Strongly motivated and enthusiastic about their work
  • Invested in the success of the business
  • Team-oriented and inspired by their leadership and coworkers
  • Passionate

Think of it this way – A satisfied employee is content; they show up every day and do their job. To them, this is a job that meets their needs and they will do what is required to maintain the status quo. On the other hand, an engaged employee invests their time and energy into pushing the envelope. They are not only satisfied with their job, but they are committed to the company’s mission, aligned with its values, and driving growth.

So, are your employees engaged or just satisfied?

If you’re unsure, here are some important questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Do you have defined values and behaviors for your organization?
  • Are your leaders aligned with how they view engagement and how it should be measured?
  • Have you set clear expectations for your employees?
  • Are your teams unified and working efficiently and in rhythm with each other?
  • Is your team inspired and aligned with your company’s goals and vision for the future?


The engagement experts at Leverage Talent Enrichment can help you inspire engagement and provide you with the tools and resources to sustain it. Schedule a free demo to learn more about how Leverage can help you create an engaged workforce that will propel your business forward.

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Set expectations, gain buy-in, and inspire ownership by defining your company's mission, values, and behaviors.

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Accelerate the impact of new employees with a new hire integration program uniquely crafted for your organization.

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On-site workshops designed to exercise your engagement muscles.

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Listen, act, and develop a highly engaged workforce through monthly employee surveys and coaching.

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Assess your culture, improve engagement, and drive sustainable growth in your business.

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