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Rome wasn’t built in a day. It took time, planning, and strategic thinking. The same can be said about creating a thriving culture that is fostered in engagement. We are not interested in simply patching trouble spots and moving on – anyone can do that. Instead, we partner with you to establish long-lasting and strategic solutions that keep your business moving forward. To do that, we focus on three key areas that are proven to help organizations achieve long-term success:

  1. We create alignment across your organization
  2. We accelerate the impact new hires make
  3. Sustain engagement with ongoing services and programs

Let’s partner together and find ways to help you define your culture, improve engagement, and watch your business grow!

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Partnership Options

Want to customize your plan? Let our team develop a custom package of services for your unique situation. Contact our team to request pricing.


  • Core Alignment
    Align your organization around expectations of culture and inspire ownership in front line employees for your cultural expectations
  • Spark Impact
    Accelerate the impact of new hires while reducing administrative time spent onboarding.
  • Leading Edge Workshops
    Align your workforce with key expectations and teach application through real-time learning


  • Core Alignment
  • Spark Impact
  • Leading Edge Workshops
  • Insights Coaching
    Strategically listen to the most important factors of engagement and receive coaching to drive engagement of top talent
  • Impact Conversations
    Equip leaders to have better conversations about impact all the time

Ultimate (Best Value)

  • Core Alignment
  • Spark Impact
  • Leading Edge Workshops
  • Insights Coaching
  • Impact Conversations
  • Monthly Engagement Boxes
    Monthly packages of tools and educational materials to drive high engagement
  • Hiring Strategy
    Receive a strategy outlined by quarter to attract more high quality candidates to apply.
  • Recruitment Strategy
    Define your ideal candidate and align your hiring process to select top talent.

Not ready to commit to a partnership?

With our Culture Calibration, we can audit your company health and provide a comprehensive report on engagement, outline clear priorities, and create a custom action plan.

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Custom plans available

Want to customize your plan? Let our team develop a custom package of services for your unique situation.

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Become the next success story.

What does a partnership with Leverage look like?


Our Suite of Services

As a Leverage Partner, you'll get access to our team of experts, plus the full suite of employee engagement services:

Core Alignment

Set expectations, gain buy-in, and inspire ownership by defining your company's mission, values, and behaviors.

New Hire Integration

Accelerate the impact of new employees with a new hire integration program uniquely crafted for your organization.

Leading Edge Workshops

On-site workshops designed to exercise your engagement muscles.

Insights Coaching

Listen, act, and develop a highly engaged workforce through monthly employee surveys and coaching.

Culture Calibration

Assess your culture, improve engagement, and drive sustainable growth in your business.

Custom Services

Our team will work with you to develop a customized program for your specific needs.

The Culture Crew: Meet Your Talent Enrichment Team


Monica Steffeck

Drives sustainability and growth to meet Clickstop's goals through a thriving and engaged workforce.


John Spanczak

Provides transparency on employee engagement, designs and implements custom engagement solutions that drive employee engagement.


Jeremy Meyer

Inspires the employees through a connection to the mission, values, and strategies of the organization.

Trisha - April 2018

Trisha Young

Creates an environment that draws Clickstoppers together and provides support for the programs and tools needed to live more impactful, efficient, and balanced lives.