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Define Your Values

Companies with strong cultures have clear and defined values and behaviors that represent who they are and how their employees work. The term “core” is defined as the central or most important part of something, and at the core of any strong company is a clear set of values.

Through the Core Alignment process, the Leverage Talent Enrichment experts work with you and your team to establish and define your company’s core values and behaviors and create ownership across your entire team for them.

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Building consensus around key characteristics and behaviors is important on many fronts. Perhaps most important is that it helps provide a consistent and aligned approach to how your company’s employees conduct business, inspiring individuals to take ownership and drive progress.

-Monica Steffeck

Chief Talent Enrichment Officer


Shared Purpose

Employees who understand and can align themselves with their company’s values often find their work to be much more meaningful.

Faster Growth

Higher productivity leads to stronger company growth.

Sustained Engagement

Those who find more meaning in their work are more engaged.

Higher Productivity

Highly engaged employees tend to be more productive.

Brand Perception

Another sometimes overlooked benefit is how a company or brand is perceived by its customers and potential employees. The Core Alignment process not only leaves you and your employees with clearly defined values, but as a leader, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to put this powerful and tangible tool (your new branded code sheet) to use for hiring, growth conversations, performance evaluations, and recognition.




Strategic Listening

We develop and administer an all-employee survey that helps us understand what challenges and hopes your employees have for the ideal workplace. This provides a strong foundation for the workshop and helps create buy-in at all levels within your organization.


Workshop Facilitation

We’ll meet with a representative group of employees across varying positions, departments, and locations, to build consensus around core values and key behaviors that make up the expectations for how you work.


Clarify and Document Values

The information captured during the workshop is validated through an all-employee survey. The result is a thoughtful, complete, and easy-to-understand one-page summary of your company’s core values and behaviors.


Training & Communication

We’ll work with you to effectively communicate your newly established core values and behaviors to your employees and equip leaders to support and hold the team accountable to these values for the long term through use in hiring, performance feedback, employee recognition, and more.

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What Our Clients Say:


"All the work that has been done is spectacular... There is a greater sense of ownership and accountability in the building which helps everyone feel more at home and gives us a sense of belonging."

“We greatly appreciate the extra mile you guys go for us. Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement.”​

“I wanted to reach out to sincerely say THANK YOU!!! Your continued networking for us and my self is truly amazing.” ​

"The culture shift in our community has been a positive change. The tangible tools provided to address employee issues has given leaders the direction, empowerment and confidence that was needed."




28% of executives report that they understand their organization's culture



47% of active job seekers cite company culture as their driving reason for looking for work



88% of employees believe a strong company culture is key to business success


What are your values & behaviors?

Successful organizations understand the importance of a shared vision. It starts with a clear definition of the core values and behaviors expected at your workplace, and ongoing alignment checks to ensure your staff adheres to your expectations. Request a demo to learn more about our time-tested process.



Alignment Workshop

We meet with a representative group of your employee base to understand and define the values that are unique to your company.

Branded Code Collateral

Our team creates and provides you with a unique, company-branded code sheet, containing the established core values, behaviors, and actions.

Training Session

We will work together with your company’s leadership team and teach them how to use the code sheet for hiring, growth conversations, performance evaluations, and employee recognition.


Our Core Alignment Experts


Monica Steffeck

Chief Talent Enrichment Officer


John Spanczak

Director of Employee Engagement Services


Jeremy Meyer

Director of Communications

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