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Accelerate the impact of new employees with a new hire integration program uniquely crafted for your organization.

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New Hire Integration

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear that a great onboarding program leads to higher talent retention. Starting a new job can be overwhelming. We’ve all been there. There is so much so to learn, and the lack of a well-thought-out and organized onboarding program may send your new talent running for the hills.

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About the Program

The Spark Impact new hire integration program rapidly immerses your new employees in the most current information related to your missions, values, teams, goals, and important business initiatives. Your new hires will be engaged from day one, setting them up for long-term success with your organization.


Booklet 1:

Your new employees will explore your company’s history, value, mission, and learn about important employee details and training.


Booklet 2:

New employees will focus on getting to know your company’s overall strategy, strengths, teams, and how to make an impact.


Coordinator Booklet

Each program comes with a Coordinator Booklet designed specifically for HR directors, managers, or anyone else responsible for onboarding.


Each new employee brings with them a potential to achieve and succeed. To lose the energy of a new hire through poor onboarding is an opportunity lost.

-Sarah Wetzel

Director of Human Resources, Engage




Learning & Discovery

We’ll learn about your company, how you work, your values, and important behaviors that drive success in your business. The Spark Impact is uniquely crafted for your organization based on the key success drivers and values of your organization.


Develop Integration Booklets

Once we have an idea of what makes your company tick, we’ll get to work developing custom integration packets for new hires with information and questions unique to your organization.


Implementation & Training

We are your partner in this and to make sure you hit the ground running we’ll be right there with you, providing hands-on support to ensure smooth implementation from start to finish.


Full Program Integration

Once your team has completed the implementation training and support with Leverage Talent Enrichment, Spark Impact can be coordinated within your company. Plus, it's designed in a way that it won’t become outdated or irrelevant.

Partner with us

Are you looking for a long-term talent enrichment partner? Comprehensive packages are available and are the best way to ensure sustained success.


What Our Clients Say:


"All the work that has been done is spectacular... There is a greater sense of ownership and accountability in the building which helps everyone feel more at home and gives us a sense of belonging."

“We greatly appreciate the extra mile you guys go for us. Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement.”​

“I wanted to reach out to sincerely say THANK YOU!!! Your continued networking for us and my self is truly amazing.” ​

"The culture shift in our community has been a positive change. The tangible tools provided to address employee issues has given leaders the direction, empowerment and confidence that was needed."




69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding



Organizations with a standard onboarding process expereince 50% greater new-hire productivity



Manager satisfaction increases by 20% when their employees have formal onboarding training


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Is there anything you wish you knew earlier on? Find out how we create custom integration programs to ensure your new hires make immediate impact in their new roles.



Spark Impact Integration Booklets

We develop and deliver custom, branded new hire integration booklets for each new hire at your organization.

Spark Impact Coordinator Guide

The coordinator’s guide equips you with a step-by-step manual for launching your new hire employee experience. The coordinator guide is evergreen and can be used ongoing for multiple employee onboarding sessions.

Training & Communication Plan

The Leverage Talent Enrichment team will provide training on implementation, and will work closely with you to develop a clear and concise communication plan to introduce this new program to current employees.


Our New Hire Integration Experts


Monica Steffeck

Chief Talent Enrichment Officer


John Spanczak

Director of Employee Engagement Services


Jeremy Meyer

Director of Communications

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