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Monthly Surveys and Coaching

A disengaged workforce spells disaster for any company. When there is low employee engagement, productivity tends to plummet, and it becomes increasingly difficult to retain top talent. You and your managers must have a pulse on your employees’ opinions and views on the state of your organization.

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About the Program

The Insights Coaching program consists of monthly surveys and coaching administered by the experts at Leverage Talent Enrichment. Each survey focuses on a single key engagement driver, helping you quickly identify opportunities, implement strategic action, and improve engagement.


Employee Surveys

Short and focused monthly surveys minimize interruption to the workday.

Monthly Reporting

Detailed data and analysis of the results highlight trends and provide a pulse on engagement levels within your organization.

Support & Guidance

Clear and defined strategic action plans help provide clarity on how to respond to engagement concerns and focus the most time and effort on top talent.

The End Result?

Your management team will gain valuable insight into how your employees view the health and strength of your company culture and strategic vision, enabling you to make informed decisions and implement changes based on the survey findings.


Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.

-Kevin Kruse

Author, Employee Engagement 2.0




Survey Administration

Leverage Talent Enrichment administers a monthly survey to your employees. Each survey focuses on a specific key driver of employee engagement.


Report Insights

Our team tabulates the results of each survey and provides you with a detailed analysis of the findings, giving you a holistic view of trends and themes derived from the responses of your employees.


Coaching Sessions

Having information is one thing. Knowing what to do with it is something else entirely. We schedule coaching sessions with your leadership team each month to review and explain the survey results.


Implement Action Plan

We help you develop and implement an action plan specific to the findings of each month’s survey. Whether the survey identifies an opportunity or a problem, taking action to drive change is a critical step to improving employee engagement and productivity.

Partner with us

Are you looking for a long-term talent enrichment partner? Comprehensive packages are available and are the best way to ensure sustained success.


What Our Clients Say:


"All the work that has been done is spectacular... There is a greater sense of ownership and accountability in the building which helps everyone feel more at home and gives us a sense of belonging."

“We greatly appreciate the extra mile you guys go for us. Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement.”​

“I wanted to reach out to sincerely say THANK YOU!!! Your continued networking for us and my self is truly amazing.” ​

"The culture shift in our community has been a positive change. The tangible tools provided to address employee issues has given leaders the direction, empowerment and confidence that was needed."




of your payroll goes to people who are not engaged in their jobs.


$ billion

Disengagement costs U.S. companies $398 billion annually



Employees who don't like their organization's culture are 24% more likely to quit


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Surveys and Data Analysis

Let us handle the paperwork! Leverage Talent Enrichment will administer the survey each month, analyze the results, and provide you with a report of the findings that’s easy to understand.

Coaching & Tools

Each month, we will spend time with your management team to discuss the results and provide you with the tools and resources to effectively develop and implement strategic action plans.

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Workshop Access

As an Insights Coaching client, you’ll have unlimited access to our Leading Edge Workshops in Urbana, IA.


Our Engagement Experts


Monica Steffeck

Chief Talent Enrichment Officer


John Spanczak

Director of Employee Engagement Services


Jeremy Meyer

Director of Communications

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