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Enrich your employees’ experience and improve engagement with our highly interactive workshop series.

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Onsite Workshops

What would it look like if every one of your employees chose to commit and align their actions to your mission, vision, and values? How would that affect employee performance? How much more could you accomplish as a team? How will this change how your company works?

About the Program

Engagement drives high performance. It becomes your competitive advantage. Leverage Talent Enrichment offers a series of onsite workshops, tailored to bring evidence-based and proven concepts to life in your organization.


Workshop Topics

Past workshops have focused on concepts such as:

  • Employee Engagement as a Catalyst for Business Results
  • Engagement Habits That Drive Effective Prioritization & Impact
  • Align Your Impact Through Effective Delegation
  • Engagement Practices for Critical Conversations

Designed for Growth

Our workshops are designed to foster growth and promote engagement with your employees. Highly engaged employees are more productive, easier to retain and help drive the growth of your business.

Building consensus around key characteristics and behaviors is important on many fronts. Perhaps most important is that it helps provide a consistent and aligned approach to how your company’s employees conduct business.

-Monica Steffeck

Chief Talent Enrichment Officer




Identify Your Priorities

We work with you to identify your priorities, providing valuable insight based on our extensive research and experience to carefully craft a training plan that will maximize the impact and value-add to your organization.


Establish Schedule

We will put together a plan that not only works with your schedule but also ensures workshops are set at appropriate intervals to maximize effectiveness.


Workshop Facilitation

Leverage Talent Enrichment will facilitate the workshops on location. That’s right, we come to you! Home field advantage is always a plus and we think being in a familiar place helps teams be more focused and engaged during the workshop series.


Review Findings

Your leadership team will receive a report with the findings and themes to come out of each workshop. We’ll also provide tools and tips specifically designed to improve results.

Partner with us

Are you looking for a long-term talent enrichment partner? Comprehensive packages are available and are the best way to ensure sustained success.


What Our Clients Say:


The way the information was organized and presented, along with the interactive portions, made the information easily digestible and I am certain everyone walked away with great ideas to implements immediately.

-Workshop Attendee, Fall 2019




74% of employees feel that they are not reaching their full potential

The Learning Wave


68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy



Companies that offer comprehensive training programs enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training

Business Training Experts

Attend a Leading Edge Worskhop this spring!

We host workshops on our campus as well. We invite you to learn alongside us, build action plans with us, and take back the tools needed to create impact and growth in your organization.



Onsite Workshops

Leverage Talent Enrichment will come to you and facilitate 6 Leading Edge Workshops, tailored to the needs and goals of your organization to promote better alignment and engagement amongst your employees.

Custom Tools and Activities

Learning and development don’t end when the session is over. We’ll provide your team with essential tools and application activities specially designed to drive action and engagement.

Coaching Sessions

Our team will provide coaching on how to use the principles learned in the workshop series to promote long-term growth and success within your business.


Our Workshop Facilitators


Monica Steffeck

Chief Talent Enrichment Officer


John Spanczak

Director of Employee Engagement Services


Jeremy Meyer

Director of Communications

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