Join us on our Clickstop campus and learn alongside the engagement experts.

We invite you to join Clickstop & Leverage leaders for The Leading Edge workshop series. In these hands-on workshops, you will you learn alongside us, build action plans with us, and take back the tools and knowledge needed to create impact and growth in your own organizations.

The Leading Edge Workshop Series

At our parent company, Clickstop, we are committed to building a great workplace culture where our employees are highly engaged and thriving. We’ve experienced firsthand the impact authentic company values and employee engagement have on business results, our employees, and the community. Higher profitability, retention, and well-being are results we want other businesses to experience too!

We are determined to support the Corridor in becoming a hub for great workplaces by offering workshops through Leverage.

UPCOMING Workshop Series

All workshops start at 9am and are located at the Clickstop campus.    View map »

February 19th


Beyond Management: Leadership That Drives Engagement

Learn how to approach your work and lead it well by identifying where you fall into the pitfalls of managing tasks rather than leading yourself and others to make maximum impact. Take time to evaluate key ways others lead and identify ways to align your efforts to work in rhythm. Participants will receive a tool to use in leadership to drive engagement.

April 22nd


What's Driving You? Engagement Practices for Critical Conversations

Identifying the root of what's driving your reaction to and delivery of hard feedback is critical in owning your response and turning it into an impact. In this interactive workshop, we'll explore common desires and pitfalls and how they impact giving and receiving hard feedback. Participants will receive a tool to assess and improve how they give and receive feedback.

May 20th


Align Your Impact Through Effective Delegation

Understanding how each individual employee can drive value for your company is the key to rapid growth. This workshop will help you better understand your unique personality and better connect how you work with the results of the team. This awareness will help you anticipate challenges and move quickly to resolution when working with others. We will provide practical ways to understand how you work best and how to bring a unique value to the table.

*Rescheduled due to COVID-19

June 17th


Engagement Habits That Drive Effective Prioritization and Impact

Identify and train yourself to effectively prioritize work and own your impact. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn a model for identifying and aligning a group around key priorities, ability to fulfill them on the needed timeline and improve the impact of their work group. Each participant will receive a facilitation guide to use this model in their teams.

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