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Learn alongside the engagement experts.

We invite you to join Clickstop & Leverage leaders for The Leading Edge workshop series. In these hands-on workshops, you will you learn alongside us, build action plans with us, and take back the tools and knowledge needed to create impact and growth in your own organizations.

The Leading Edge Workshop Series

At our parent company, Clickstop, we are committed to building a great workplace culture where our employees are highly engaged and thriving. We’ve experienced firsthand the impact authentic company values and employee engagement have on business results, our employees, and the community. Higher profitability, retention, and well-being are results we want other businesses to experience too!

We are determined to support other great workplaces by offering workshops through Leverage.




UPCOMING Workshop Series

All workshops start at 9am and are held virtually.

August 27, 2020


How Investing in Culture Transformed our Business

Consistent and scalable workplace cultures are defined by clear, values-based expectations and people who take ownership individually to achieve them. Join us for a workshop that will highlight key takeaways from our journey from drama-filled workplace to ownership-oriented workplace. As a result of our workshop, you’ll learn practical ways you can take ownership of your experience at work to drive better engagement, more enjoyment and growth in yourself and your team regardless of your role.

September 23, 2020


Busy-ness: Get to the Heart of Commitment and Aligned Action to Increase Impact

Be more strategic about how you approach your work by taking ownership of your commitment and follow through. Feel stuck? Want to get more of the right things done? Attend this workshop to identify key ways you can impact your engagement and make your experience and your teammate’s experience better by clarifying commitments and taking disciplined action, regardless of your workload. The catch? You’ll increase your impact and value to the company as a result.

October 21, 2020


Growth: Seek Opportunity and Drive Change

Take ownership of your growth trajectory and identify a path unique to you to learn, grow and improve. When people grow, so does our business.  Attend this workshop to identify barriers to growth, craft real goals and clarify dreams for yourself and others. Design a more fulfilling career and life by seeking opportunity and driving change.

November 18, 2020


Establishing and Driving Accountability

Accountability isn’t optional for fast-growing businesses full of top performers. After all, healthy workplaces and relationships are defined by much more than just being nice and making people feel good. A healthy culture starts with being highly accountable yourself and then is about holding others to high standards while caring personally. Gain an understanding of practical ways accountability and support come together to cause great results in your career and for your teammates.  Drive more effective growth in your business while maintaining open, direct communication that creates a culture of trust and high expectations.

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