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Our #1 Tip to Reduce Drama, Improve Results and Create a Better, Engaging Culture

We recently had an opportunity to talk with a BrightTalk group about how to build a thriving culture and a growing business. From where we stand, it all ties back to engagement. Engagement drives business results and is integral in creating great workplace culture.

What We Learned When Asking Leadership Teams about Culture in the Workplace

When asking members of an organization’s leadership team to each individually define engagement, we often find that some define it as enthusiasm, others talk about ownership, and another might emphasize pool tables and good benefits. It quickly becomes clear that they are all on different pages about what engagement means. If your whole leadership team is expecting the company to be engaged but there isn’t consensus around what that means, your destination is unclear.

The ripple effect of the leadership team’s misalignment is that the rest of the organization is misaligned. At best, everyone is working towards their own definition of engagement. At worst, no one is focused on engagement. Either way, engagement is not being produced. Unnecessary drama, inconsistent results and poor culture are highly probable in this environment.

So, what’s our tip?

Define employee engagement, make it the expectation and provide support to achieve it.

Why We Focus on Defining Employee Engagement

One of the most important activities we facilitate for our partners is to define employee engagement and the expectations of behavior. Through this activity, we build tools that your company will use as a “blueprint” for success. We follow our Formula and invite in employee buy-in and perspective to ensure that expectations are defined, understood, and that they can be recognized in action.

For instance, have you seen people lethargically moving to achieve the bare minimum? How does your organization view this behavior? Does it align with how you view it? Do you address it when you see it? Does your organization expect you to address it? What difference will it make if it’s addressed? How do you know?

Inconsistent expectations create drama, insecurity and inefficiency.

How Do I Get Started?

Start by getting definitive about your values to improve quality, consistency, and results. Define expectations concisely, provide a description, and give examples of these values in action.

Our free company assessment will get you started.

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More About Leverage Talent Enrichment

Leverage is a full-service employee engagement agency offering everything from strategic direction to hands-on implementation. We are made up of the same employees that power the successful brands of Clickstop, a company with a lengthy streak of top workplace and fastest-growing awards.

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