Steps That Define Successful Partnerships and Drive Increased Engagement

By Monica Steffeck

An excellent talent and engagement partnership addresses these 3 critical items effectively. 

When you invite a partner into your organization, it’s important they understand who you are, who you want to be and take effective action. 

Goals + Strategy 

When we enter your organization, we first work to understand your aspirations, goals and projections. Defined financial, operational and talent goals must be brought together alongside one another to build an engagement strategy that drives the right results across the board.  


Every employee in your organization has a voice and perspective that should be listened to during our process. After all, if you’re going to get people to care about your company you have to figure out what matters to them.  

When we partner with you, we spend time understanding your current state by connecting interpersonally with individuals at all levels. Then, we match up those perspectives with the goals of the organization to assess where growth and development needs to happen and systems need adjusted. This keeps us moving at the most effective pace to cause sustainable change in your organization. 

Action + Application 

Nelson Mandela once said, “Vision without action is just daydreaming.” He’s right. Our partnerships are built on a foundation of application and results.  We ensure our partnerships drive a change in people’s commitment and their actions. After all, it’s easy to like the idea of something and much harder to act on it with discipline. 

After taking full inventory of goals, strategy and listening to your organization, we catalyze action and application of what’s being learned to help everyone learn new habits and get rid of old ones. We use our own application-tested actions to produce meaningful results that can be sustained for the long term. 

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