3 Things That Must Be Addressed to Cause Lasting Culture Change

By Monica Steffeck When you partner with Leverage, we systematically approach each of the following areas using research-backed and application-tested strategies to ensure success. This establishes a strong foundation that can then be reinforced and referenced as a governing principle in your organization rather than consistently re-constructed. Organizational Systems and Design When it comes to…

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3 Measurements of an Effective Onboarding Program

best way to do employee onboarding programs

By Monica Steffeck Being a new hire is hard no matter what. If the hiring process was done well, you clearly understand the job and you’re equipped with the necessary skills to do it, but you have no idea the eco-system of the organization, how decisions are made, who your coworkers are or how all…

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Steps That Define Successful Partnerships and Drive Increased Engagement

By Monica Steffeck An excellent talent and engagement partnership addresses these 3 critical items effectively.  When you invite a partner into your organization, it’s important they understand who you are, who you want to be and take effective action.  Goals + Strategy  When we enter your organization, we first work to understand your aspirations, goals and projections.…

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