The 1 thing you need to do in 2019 to not lose your top talent in 2020

Companies are continually blindsided by their top performers putting in their 2-week notice, but 2020 can be the year that you turn it around and retain your key players. All you have to do is put in a little work in the last few months of 2019. Here’s the one thing you can do now to ensure 2020 sees less turnover: revamp your onboarding experience.

69% of employees are likely to stay with a company if they experience great onboarding.

The good news? We can do it for you.

Now is the time. Not later, when you’re buried in new-hire paperwork and start-of-the-year processes. Right now, in 2019, before the hire is made.

Turnover is highest in January due to new job postings, the new year for a new adventure, getting through the holidays or waiting on the holiday bonus before putting in their notice. This also means hiring is at its highest in January.

Setting up the experience now means your new hires are jumping in and seeing their impact almost immediately, gaining satisfaction in the job faster and staying with you longer. A positive onboarding experience should help employees discover how their roles fit in with the rest of the company’s workforce and culture, leading to stronger engagement and more invested employees.

Need to know where to start?

Leverage can help you make the change – and quickly – by providing you a fully-loaded program that equips your leadership team, trains your coordinators, and gives you the entire process to accelerate new hire experience. It’s called Spark Impact. And it’s a retention life-saver.

Use our expertise to improve your onboarding process today and tap into all our available resources for updating – or developing – your integration programs.

“This program is getting our new employees better prepared to be who we need them to be.” – Leverage Client in Cedar Rapids, IA

Utilize our Expert Resources

This new hire checklist provides you an outline of what elements are needed to create a great onboarding experience and includes a sample packet to provide to employees.

This self-guided evaluation tool assesses the alignment of your organization around behavioral expectations to identify your current and ideal employee experience.

We’ve developed the checklist and a self-guided evaluation tool to get you started, or you can just contact us to talk to a real person about real solutions.

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