New Employee Integration & Onboarding

If you weren’t already busy, you wouldn’t be hiring. We’ve been there, and it’s what made us produce the onboarding program at our parent company, called Clickstart. Whether a new role or a backfill, onboarding is something many wish they did or could do better.  We can help.

Leverage’s program can be implemented in less than 3 weeks and includes:

  • Equipping your leadership team - an introduction to our methodology and the impact of great onboarding
  • Training your program coordinators (these people don’t have to be in HR)
  • Communications plan to introduce the program to your company
  • A clear process for onboarding all employees, regardless of role or responsibilities (at our parent company, we used the same program to onboard our COO and CFO as we did to onboard new employees working on our manufacturing line).
  • New hire program that immerses individuals in the most current information related to your mission, values, teams, goals, ripple effect and important business initiatives
  • Career accelerator packets for new hires
  • Coordinators guide to pair with each employee packet
  • Three support calls to ensure your coordinator and new hires get off to a successful start


LTE shoot 2-6-19-00003

Our new hire integration program focuses on immersion learning.
This new hire accelerator gets people up to speed quickly on who your organization is and how you work without heavy administration. It makes the new hire responsible for their learning, and helps build habits and characteristics that make a greater impact on your organization.

Our unique methodology ensures the most important information is covered in a way that promotes peer relationships, awareness of current priorities, visibility of teams and their purpose, and an understanding of the long-term goals of the business.

“This new on-boarding process is showing some really interesting results. Employees are much more comfortable and engaged and ready to make a difference. I can tell this new process will allow and help new employee be more successful sooner.”​

- Leverage Client​, Tacoma, WA

“This program is getting our new employees better prepared to be who we need them to be.”

-Leverage Client, Cedar Rapids, IA

“ We know how important this is for our employees. This program will help us get them the right information they need to be successful before they even begin working in their role.” ​

- Leverage Client​, Cedar Rapids, IA

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