3 Things That Must Be Addressed to Cause Lasting Culture Change

By Monica Steffeck

When you partner with Leverage, we systematically approach each of the following areas using research-backed and application-tested strategies to ensure success.

This establishes a strong foundation that can then be reinforced and referenced as a governing principle in your organization rather than consistently re-constructed.

Organizational Systems and Design

When it comes to addressing organizational systems and design, we first examine what’s positively impacting engagement and then examine anything that’s not – specifically giving attention to what exists and doesn’t yet exist.

Many organizations have a formal process of evaluating talent, but is it sustainable? Does it encourage individual conviction and action and align with the organization’s values?

In each of our partnerships, we evaluate the systems in place to ensure adjustments are made where they’re needed, and critical components of a sustainable, engagement-driven culture are in place.


Leaders must be equipped in their knowledge and understanding of engagement and the disciplines to make it happen. Leverage partners with your team and creates sustainable change by supporting senior leaders and front-line managers in connecting engagement to real results and providing practical application to lead to engaged.

Individual Ownership

Results without engagement are temporary or mediocre. Possibly the most critical aspect of an employee engagement partnership is individual ownership that causes self-governance and peer-to-peer recognition and accountability.

In every one of our partnerships, we follow application-tested methods backed by academic research to inspire individual conviction and ownership of the creation of a better and more engaged workplace.

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