Employment Engagement Strategy

Partner with Leverage Talent Enrichment to craft a customized plan in priority order on a timeline to focus and improve engagement in a sustainable way. Applying the principles and practices utilized at our parent company, Clickstop (2018’s #1 workplace in the state as voted by anonymous employee surveys), we identify the most urgent and impactful priorities for your organization.


Here's how it works:

  1. We perform a comprehensive analysis to understand the state of your organization. We validate data through a multi-faceted approach including face-to-face interactions, observation, and interviews with key leaders.
  2. Our Talent Enrichment team reviews the results and co-creates a strategy to improve, innovate and sustain exceptional employee engagement. Employee Engagement experts weigh in on internal communications, community, employee learning and leadership development, hiring, integrations and transfers, inclusion and more to produce a customized and specialized plan to suit your unique needs.
  3. We produce a report including our findings to validate the priority, order and timeline of the plan.
  4. We deliver a Strategic Employee Engagement Plan with a clearly laid out  timeline prioritizing goals, steps to achieve the goals and more.
  5. We host an alignment workshop to review our findings, answer questions and assign clear ownership of strategies to ensure success.
  6. Customers can purchase the strategic employee engagement plan independently or partner with Leverage’s Talent Enrichment team to perform the implementation alongside their teams.

Partnership Options

Strategic Employee Engagement Plan

  • Validation & Calibration Report
  • Strategic Plan
  • Alignment Workshop to Review Findings


  • Validation & Calibration Report
  • Strategic Plan
  • Alignment Workshop to Review Findings
  • Full access to our Talent Enrichment team
  • Working alongside your team, we'll partner with you to implement every recommendation from the strategic plan

Why employee engagement matters

Attraction and retention of top talent is vital to any organization’s success. Understanding engagement as an individual’s commitment and willingness to go the extra mile in alignment with the organization’s mission, vision, values and goals is imperative. Business with healthy teams thrive and healthy teams are engaged teams.