5 Reasons to Enroll in Leadership Development Workshops

Written by: Valyn Reinig, Communications Strategist

Through our parent company, Clickstop, we at Leverage have experienced firsthand the impact authentic company values and employee engagement have on business results, our co-workers, and the community. Higher profitability, retention, and well-being are results we want other businesses to experience too!

Now, through Leverage Talent Enrichment, Clickstop is determined to support the Corridor in becoming a hub for exceptional workplaces. One way we’re doing that is by opening our monthly leadership development workshops to the public.

Beginning in July 2018, our five-part leadership development workshop series will focus on the influence leaders have on employee engagement and the value of leading with authentic company values.

leadership development workshop

Clickstoppers listen to an education development workshop in early 2018.

Top 5 Reasons to Enroll Today

1.  Develop leadership skills through highly interactive and discussion driven workshops with seasoned Clickstop leaders.

2.  Obtain insight into what a highly engaged workforce looks like and how to positively affect it (leaders directly impact employee engagement as much as 70%).

3.  Learn what it takes to drive sustainability and growth through a thriving and engaged workforce (employees are 87% less likely to leave a job when they feel engaged).

4.  Gain practical tips, tools, and action plans that can be immediately implemented within your teams (companies with highly engaged employees are 20% more profitable).

5.  Spark self-driven development in your team and understand how to create a culture where employees drive their own growth and success.

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What’s your Workplace Culture?

Like many modern workplaces, change is a constant here at Leverage. But, no matter what, we continually work hard to ensure a workplace that is sustainable, enjoyable, and opportunistic for our employees. Because, in the end, isn’t that what running a great business is all about?

leadership development workshop

Members of the Leverage Talent Enrichment team collaborate on the new external leadership development workshops.

Leaders will gain the most value from attending the entire five workshop series, but attendees may register for individual workshops as well. The seats are limited, but the impact you will bring back to your team is everlasting.

View the course descriptions below. Cost is $400 for all 5 workshops or $89 each. Enroll now before seats run out!


Upcoming Leadership Development Workshops

leadership workshop

All workshops will take place at the Clickstop Campus: 202 Blue Creek Drive Urbana, IA 52345.

Have questions? Contact Ashley Rambo at arambo@leveragegrowth.com or 319-213-9785.

July 11 | Activate an Ownership Culture
1:30-3:00pm, Clickstop Campus
Foster a strong sense of ownership through employee engagement and authentic company values in a way that motivates, empowers, and equips your employees to drive innovation and growth for the company. Collaborate alongside Clickstop leaders to build an action plan to inspire an ownership attitude within your team through employee engagement.

August 15 | Achieve High Performance with Strengths
1:30-3:00pm, Clickstop Campus

Maximize the performance of your team by leveraging their individual strengths and aligning them on results. Create best practices alongside Clickstop leaders to activate the strengths of your team and help them reach their full potential.

September 12 | Build Trust Through Authentic Relationships
1:30-3:00pm, Clickstop Campus

Build trust with transparency, humility and authentic relationships to cultivate an environment where employees have the confidence to experiment, communicate openly and drive change. Collaborate with Clickstop leaders to create a plan to establish a supportive team culture where your team members feel safe to make decisions and challenge the status quo.

October 10 | Inspire Greatness with Recognition
1:30-3:00pm, Clickstop Campus

Activate intrinsic motivators and acknowledge progress, give recognition and create accountability to inspire, build confidence and develop your team. Work alongside Clickstop leaders to identify key touch points and the imperative conversations to have with your team to inspire greatness.

November 7 | Spark Self-Driven Development
1:30-3:00pm, Clickstop Campus

Create a culture where employees drive their own growth and success. Collaborate with Clickstop leaders to co-create development templates and discussions that empower employees to create opportunity, align their strengths and drive personal growth.


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