Talent Enrichment: Engaging and Transforming Culture

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Monica Steffeck and I’m our Chief Talent Enrichment Officer at Leverage.

I came to Leverage after having worked in communications and marketing for a few years. I really wanted to work here because of a passion for employee engagement and helping people, sort of, reinvent their workplaces for the better. I think we all want to be fulfilled in the work that we do and getting to be a part of a team that does that is really exciting to me.

How did the opportunity to work for Leverage come about?

I was sitting at a top workplaces conference, and I kept seeing the Leverage team, also Clickstop, at tables next to me. After seeing lots of entertaining videos and just raving reviews of the company, it caught my interest and I wondered, what is it that’s going on there that they keep making all these lists and doing such a great job? I started watching them more closely and a position became available on their culture team. I immediately whipped together a resume and information on how I might work in alignment with the values of the organization and interviewed and was hired as the third person on the culture team at the time.

Tell us about the traits of the employees at Clickstop, and how you think those traits are going to help support this branch of Leverage.

One of the things I admire most about the people I work with at Clickstop is their commitment to driving change, thinking big, implementing those big ideas, really being engaged at work and communicating in a radical and open way. Each of those traits are things that I can see will help transform the workplaces of our customers and we’re really excited to get to make that kind of impact.

What does the talent enrichment branch of Leverage focus on?

Talent enrichment at Leverage provides services to help engage and grow your workforce. One of the main things I’m always thinking about with any business is how we all are involved in different relationships at work all of the time, and in business, all you’re doing is trading a bunch of value. Where talent enrichment comes in and can help is by improving all of the relationships within your organization. Whether that’s through relationships with your newly on-boarded and newly hired employees or with your existing employees.

What are specific talent enrichment services Leverage provides?

So, the main two services we’re going to be providing from a talent perspective are around engagement and workplace transformation, which will really be customized by the customer. The other piece that we’ll provide is an onboarding and integration program.

One of the key things we’re going to be providing as a talent team in terms of services is a program that helps integrate new hires into your organization. A lot of us in the business world, you know, you hire once you need somebody to be producing work and by that time you don’t have a tremendous amount of time to train them. Even if you’re hiring somebody that’s highly skilled and highly knowledgeable in an area, the hardest part as a new employee is figuring out how you fit within the entire organization. So [as a new employee] even if you have everything else set up correctly for you, you lack the perspective of how you’re going to be working within this organization. That way they can apply their skills and expertise in a way that helps your organization thrive much faster.

Can you elaborate a little on what the talent enrichment process looks like?

When we go into a customer’s environment and we are working with them to improve their workplace culture and the engagement within their organization, the first thing we’re going to do is just a lot of listening and asking a ton of questions to understand the mission, the values, the direction and the goals of the organization. Then we figure out how company leadership, employee opinions, and any other behaviors either align or don’t align with that so we can identify existing pain points and what strengths the organization already has in their workplace culture. Then we’ll take that, do an analysis and provide a report to the organization on what we’re recommending in moving forward. What really sets us apart from other, maybe strictly consulting firms in terms of culture, is that we’ll come in and we’ll actually help implement and execute on plans that help change your organization and transform things for the better.

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