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3 Ways to be More Dramatic at Work

Written by: Monica Steffeck, Chief Talent Enrichment Officer

(and how that can actually be a good thing)

As humans, we crave drama because we are storytelling creatures. It is one of the most obvious differences between us and the animals of the world. Humans tell stories (or communicate through drama) to learn, to understand, to make ourselves feel good, and to share our experiences.

We all crave stories. We all crave drama. Therefore, you should never strive to create a drama-free workplace; instead, striving to fill your work environment with positive drama is key.

Make no mistake, workplaces have no place for toxic or negative drama, but that’s another subject for a different time.

Positive drama means telling stories about victory, purpose, winning, overcoming obstacles, and expressing thanks. Here are 3 ideas to help get you started in spreading positive drama throughout your workplace:

1. Tell a story about an achievement, victory, determination, grit, or excellence despite adversity. 

Your story builds someone else up and helps those around you celebrate accomplishments. You don’t have to wait until the outcome is perfect to tell the story. Tell the stories that are still in progress and help all your coworkers learn, support, and celebrate alongside you.

Tell the story of achievement and of victory (big or small). Celebrate the adversity your teammate experienced and overcame and spread the word of their journey. Tell the story of determination. Tell the story of supporting one another. If you dedicate a little time to thinking about it, there is so much good happening around you that you can talk about and share with others.

expressing thanks at work

2. Share what you’re excited about in the future.

Hope for the future is a drama that humans will always be enthusiastic about.

Maybe it’s something personal that you’re excited about, maybe it’s for your team, or maybe it’s a general excitement over your company’s future. Whatever it is, futuristic thought provides a break from the normal routine, a hope for something greater, and the fuel needed to make it a reality.

positive success stories at work

3. Express thanks to those that have made an impact on you.

There are so many different ways to give impactful employee recognition. Write a thank you note, stop and talk with someone in person, share it with a group at lunch, or nominate someone through an employee recognition program. Be specific and tell a short story of what exactly you’re grateful for and why. Expressing gratitude is one of the fastest routes to happiness, and who doesn’t want to be happier at work?

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Whether you choose to notice and recognize it or not, we are all fortunate to be surrounded by an overwhelming amount of greatness. Now, go tell a story and create some drama at work!

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