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4 Top Digital Marketing Podcasts According to Our Marketing Team

You don’t become an expert without listening to others.

It may not be something everyone wants to admit. But without the fresh perspectives and personally unimaginable insight gained from listening to others, experts wouldn’t really be experts. At the very least, they wouldn’t be the type of experts you want guiding your marketing strategy.

The often untold truth is that expertise and success are almost always a product of trial and error; loads of failure before hints of success. The beauty of this process, which can often feel like the literal definition of insanity, is that when the success does come, even if just for one person, it can be duplicated. It can be leveraged. It can be analyzed, adapted, measured, and then analyzed again.

But, it all starts with listening. Success itself often starts with listening and learning from other successful people. Not just learning that they are in fact successful, but paying close attention to why they are successful and more importantly to why and to how they failed before they succeeded. It will save you tons of work. It will save hairs from being pulled out at the next brainstorm session, retinas from being burnt by blank computer screens, and slowly but surely it will start reducing the number of times you find yourself wondering, “what could I be doing wrong?” Stop wondering, and start listening.

Start with the four top digital marketing podcasts our team of humble experts regularly listen to, learn from, and translate into the work that we do for you.

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Our Leverage Team

1. Marketing Speak

Host: Stephen Spencer

In his weekly hour-long podcast, Spencer covers a wide variety of digital marketing and e-commerce topics including branding and prospect building, but he’s best known for his SEO knowledge. Some members of our marketing team even saw him speak at IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition) last year. Spencer is a published author of various SEO and e-commerce books and has been involved in the science of SEO since 1999.

2. Shopify Masters

Host: Felix Thea

If your business uses or is thinking about converting to the popular e-commerce platform known as Shopify, this podcast is definitely worth a listen. It specifically focuses on helping small to medium-sized businesses succeed and each episode includes insight from different Shopify site owners who share the history of their companies and the different strategies and tools they’ve experimented with.

3. E Commerce Influence

Host: Austin Brawner

Brawner is an expert email marketing and brand growth consultant who’s often joined by social media expert, Andrew Foxwell, on this weekly podcast. They present their proven content marketing strategies, including social media, SEO, and email, in a conversational manner that’s easy to digest. Even better, they take a very realistic approach on how to implement their tactics, keeping in mind that not everyone has the biggest budget to spend.

4. MozPod

Host: Brian Childs

Whether you’re just getting a grasp on the concept of SEO or you’re a seasoned veteran, the tangible data and expert analysis that Moz brings to the table is impossible to ignore. Every week or so they release a new episode that deep dives into a specific SEO topic and almost always include guest interviews and insight from experts in the field. They’re also really great about getting input from listeners on what topics they want to hear more about.

Want to leverage success? Leverage us. We know a thing or two about what empowering growth in businesses.

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