Brand Strategy: It’s a Good Time to be Human

Written by: Amanda Morgan, Senior Marketing Copywriter

Are you saturating your social media streams with tons of great content, but not gaining any traction? Do you have a great product, but find it hard to get people to care? Maybe it’s not them, maybe you’re lacking a relatable brand strategy.

I probably don’t even know you, but trust me, I know you have a pretty great story to tell. We all do. It’s just figuring out what that story is and how to relate it to others. Now, take this philosophy and apply it to your brand.

Humanizing your brand is the key to connecting with your customers. Your customer needs to fall in love with you before they can fall in love with your product. If you give people a reason to care about you, they’ll be far more likely to care about what you’re doing, what you’re selling, and how they can connect with you on a deeper level.

How do you apply this brand strategy to a brand story?

Simply, be human. Be authentic. Be you.

Figure out what your brand story is. Tell a story you can be proud of. Tell a story about your people. Tell a story that people can relate to. These stories don’t have to be epic. Talk about the small pieces that got you where you’re at today. You don’t have to shy away from conflict – people love an underdog.

And use photos. Photos with humans. Photos on Facebook get 53% more likes than the average text-only post. Photos with faces get 38% more likes. And photos with eye contact conjure feelings of trust and connection.

Photos of people instantly help humanize your brand by showcasing humans working for your company, humans creating your product, humans using your products. And, if at all possible, don’t use stock photography. It’s not authentic, and savvy people will see right through it.

Social media is a perfect fit as a venue to connect with people, however, you can’t minimize these same principals on your website. Photos of your employees, your work family, your customers should be used to tell your story throughout your site. Use a photo of a real customer service or sales rep next to your call-to-action button to ensure customers they’re dealing with real people.

We all know video is a powerful entertainer and influencer, so liberally share your awesome video creations too. Video testimonials are quite possibly the most powerful piece of conversion content. Because these humans enjoy your product, other humans must have it too.

Start empowering your brand today

It may be difficult to change views from a product-first to people-first approach. Building a library of content can take time and resources. But getting your story out there, connecting on a human level – isn’t that more meaningful? It’s what will cut through the market noise and get you heard.

If you’re ready to connect on a higher level, give us a call – we’ll craft your story together.

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