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5 Questions to ask Before Developing a Marketing Campaign Strategy

Written by: Marissa Romano, Marketing Campaign Strategist


It’s likely the key to developing a successful marketing campaign strategy are questions you’ve asked over and over again in your life, but clichés are clichés for a reason, right?

When we start developing a marketing campaign strategy for a client, we always think of these five questions to answer before we can really dive into the nitty-gritty of the work:

Who? What? Where? When? Why?



Every marketer should be aware of the age-old application: know your audience. The who question answers specifics on your audience; who are you trying to get your message across to? Not just “your customers” but a more in-depth understanding. It might be personas you’ve built. Or, it might be an industry within your customer base. Whatever it is, it’s imperative to start here and gain a deep understanding of who the message is for.



What is the message? This is your second most important element. The communication aspect of your marketing campaign strategy is reliant on what you want to get across to the customer. Make it simple, clear, and concise. Plus, remember the first question, who is it you are communicating to? Tailor the message to resonate with your who.



Multi-channel marketing is almost expected in this day and age; however, not every type of marketing message fits within every channel. Carefully identify the channels you want to apply your message to, and craft from there. If your message is really product heavy, it might not fit perfectly in your social media strategy, but it may work better through email marketing. Identify all applicable avenues with this question.



The right message, at the right time, to the right person. That’s essentially marketing in a nutshell. The when highlights timing for your message to hit the right person. If you’re pushing a seasonal product, it might be timing within the year. Maybe it’s timing within the lifecycle if you’re looking to offer a promotion. Or, it might be timing within a bigger promotion to create that sense of urgency and gain final transactions before the promotion window closes.



Last, but definitely not least, is your why question. This part has two elements to it. First, it’s for your audience: why would they care? Does this campaign add value? Does it encourage them into another part of the sales funnel? Does it help them with their purchasing decision? Does it make them understand your brand better? Once you identify the why for your audience, you must identify the why for yourself. Why are you going to launch this campaign, what are your goals? How do you define its success and what actionable steps will you take to achieve that?


Once those five questions are answered, the creative campaign creation can commence. Leverage us to begin developing a robust and effective marketing campaign strategy.

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