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Top 10 Most Popular Fulcrum Posts of 2018

As we prepare to wave farewell to 2018 and welcome in 2019, we all find ourselves in moments of reflection. What was accomplished, what was learned, what connections were made, and how did we grow as individuals?

In the Fulcrum’s inaugural year, the goal was to spread information and inspiration to all who might benefit from it – to all who wanted to empower growth in themselves and their organization. From marketing advice and NetSuite knowledge to talent enrichment tactics and commercial printing insight, we brought it all to you on a weekly basis.

Now, for your holiday reading convenience, here are our top 10 most popular blog articles from 2018.

1) Motion Graphics vs. Animation

This first one was so popular that it landed us the top spot in Google’s search results for the keyword phrase “motion graphics vs. animation.” It’s full of definitions and real-life examples of incredible design work.

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2) The Art of the Tracking Shot: Examples and Experiences of a Veteran Videographer

learn what a tracking shot is in film

Written by one of Leverage’s most expert videographers, this interesting post covers everything from shooting trick shots on rollerblades to a history lesson on classic image capturing methods.

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3) 10 Free Ways to Give Impactful Employee Recognition in 10 minutes or Less.

employee recognition quotes

Recognition is an engagement driver that’s often overlooked in today’s fast-paced workplace. This post shares easy ways for you to make a real impact with the people you work with.

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4) 5 Reasons to Pass the PPC

The results of pay-per-click advertising can be astronomical, if you know what you’re doing. Learn what the benefits of hiring a dedicated PPC professional are in this post.

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5) 5 Reasons to Enroll in Leadership Development Workshops

Our on-site talent enrichment workshops were a great success this past year. Together with area business leaders, we were all able to learn and grow from each other. Stay tuned for our 2019 Leadership Development Workshop schedule, and read up on why they’re so useful right now.

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6) 5 Reasons Why your Employee Recognition is Falling Flat and How to Fix it.

how to increase employee recogntion

In this post, our talent development expert weighs in on a common problem across workplaces and shares simple guidelines for how to change it for the better.

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7) NetSuite Partners: The Unique Leverage Difference

netsuite partners

Anyone who uses NetSuite software, or who is considering switching to it, should check out this article that’s chock-full with IT insight. There’s even a video featuring our awesome CTO, Tom.

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8) The Thought Leader’s Playbook

thought leadership content

Ever want to be a trendsetter? Well, even if you haven’t, there’s a huge benefit to having your business positioned as a thought leader. Read all about it in this widely popular post.

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9) 10 Goals for Big Data in 2018

If 2018 had an elephant in the room, it just might have been big data information. And, even though we’re heading into a new year, it’s a subject that isn’t going away anytime soon. This article is the perfect reflection piece.

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10) Variable Data Printing Solutions

HP indigo variable data printer

Yea, we still have one of the most powerful and capable printers in the world. If you’re business sends direct mail pieces, and hasn’t dabbled in the world of variable data, this articles is a must read.

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