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Variable Data Printing Solutions

Written by: Randy Kies, VP of Business Development

In March 2018, Leverage Digital Imaging attended DSCOOP (Digital Solutions Cooperative, hosted by HP) in Dallas.

The overwhelming narrative by all the keynote speakers, including design icon Paula Scher and HP Indigo General Manager Alon Bar-Shany, was that customers today are buying on experiences and emotions.

In today’s marketplace, the best way for companies to cut through all the clutter is to speak to their customers through variable data, personalization, and highly targeted communications.

Our new Indigo printer allows us to do exactly this, and with quality and price points never before seen.

How to Start Leveraging Variable Data Printing

When it comes to variable data printing, we understand it can be overwhelming for customers to even know where to start. Obviously, data is key and many companies do not even realize the amount of available customer data. The challenge is collecting it all, understanding it all, then applying it in a creative way that delivers results.

That’s where our Leverage team can help in many ways.

1. We can help identify where all the different data points exist.

2. We can help make sense of the data.

3. We can help get the data into a format that’s usable.

4. We can help with creative design if needed.

5. With our Indigo printer, we can produce high impact pieces that will stand out and ultimately drive customer engagement.

6. Finally, we can help track the results and show measurable ROI.


Through variable data printing, we can personalize and mail just about anything.

With the world’s largest available digital-offset sheet size, we have already printed numerous highly personalized and oversized pieces that utilize the full 20”x29” sheet size. They stand out because they are completely unique to the marketplace.

Also, with the world’s first digital-offset press, we are delivering offset press quality at digital press price points. 

Learn more about variable data printing

Here’s how you can gain a deeper understanding of variable data printing and the world’s first digital-offset press:

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