Empowering Growth with Leverage


Introduce yourself.

I’m Tim Guenther and I’m the CEO of Clickstop.

How did Leverage come to be a company?

Like many ideas here at Clickstop, Leverage developed through a series of conversations and a lot of curiosity about how to grow the business.  Phil Akin is our CMO and the person responsible for the Leverage team, and we spent a lot of time talking about what the next step was for Clickstop. It became apparent that marketing has been such a key part of our growth and we wanted to make a more significant investment in it. We also know that we’re an entrepreneurial organization so we decided to create a business unit that we could not only serve our own brands with, but we could share our love and knowledge of marketing with outside organizations. We came out of that meeting and we knew it was the right thing to do and to move forward.

How long did it take to execute on that idea?

Like most things that happen here at Clickstop, it happened very quickly. Especially when you get Phil and me together and we have a good idea. Phil likes to make a statement, “there’s no greater burden than a great idea” and we left that meeting feeling the burden of it, that question of how do we make it work. We knew from a business standpoint how valuable it would be to our own brands to be able to increase our resources and add specialized people in all areas of marketing, and then what we could do with that externally as well was really exciting.

How did you find all those specialized people?

We’ve been really fortunate when it comes to people all around Clickstop and especially at Leverage. We went on a hiring spree and brought on a dozen or more people within a short period of time. We had a really great hiring experience filling these roles; we had more applicants than we’ve ever had and we hired faster in all areas than we thought we would. We really look for driven people, who think like marketers and understand that marketing is responsible for awareness and growth, and that’s who we’ve got.

What makes Leverage different from a traditional agency model?

What always makes a Clickstop company stand out from the competition is our people. We’ve worked tirelessly to hire and develop and create a team spirit. And at Clickstop we often talk about how we work and the work that we do, so with Leverage we know we’re going do marketing work but its how we do that work that becomes important. And when we do it with a high level of engagement we know that we’re going to get the result that we’re aiming for.

So, is Leverage just a marketing agency?

Leverage is really made up of 3 categories. Marketing is the obvious one, but we also offer talent enrichment services and technology services.  Leverage allows us to take these things that we do really well and share them with other companies in the Corridor and beyond. We’re excited to deliver those kinds of quality results that we’ve seen for ourselves with our clients.

We’re also excited to introduce new capabilities in printing and digital imaging. It’s such a great combination with an agency model and we can bring a customer in through the marketing side and deliver them a complete project at the end, all the way to the measured result of variable data printing.

What do you see for the future of Leverage?

Leverage will be a really important part of Clickstop going forward because it serves our own brands and it serves external clients as a business unit for us. I think the future is really bright for Leverage. We’re loaded with great people, we’re eager to go out and help clients get quality results, and so the sky’s the limit.

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