10 Free Ways to give Impactful Employee Recognition in 10 minutes or less

employee recognition quotes

Written by: Summer Smith, Director of Community   In the last seven days, have you given or received recognition or praise for doing good work? If not, you, your organization, and the people within it are overlooking a proven strategy for improving company growth and employee productivity. But you’re not alone. Recognition is an engagement driver that is…

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4 Steps to Better Employee Engagement

tips for increasing employee engagement at work

Backed by Research and Real-World Experience Written by: John Spanczak, Director of Employee Engagement   Improving employee engagement has an undeniably positive ring to it. But, it’s so much more than a good sounding marketing term used to recruit people. It’s something that truly impacts the results of your business and also creates a more…

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5 Reason why your Employee Recognition is Falling Flat (and how to fix it)

how to increase employee recogntion

Written by: Ashley Rambo, Sr. Talent Development Strategist Want more than words? Join us for our upcoming interactive employee recognition workshop: Inspire Greatness with Recognition.   Why businesses want a culture of recognition The business benefit of widespread employee recognition is impossible to ignore. Employee recognition is directly tied to employee engagement and high marks in this…

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5 Reasons to Enroll in Leadership Development Workshops

Written by: Valyn Reinig, Communications Strategist Through our parent company, Clickstop, we at Leverage have experienced firsthand the impact authentic company values and employee engagement have on business results, our co-workers, and the community. Higher profitability, retention, and well-being are results we want other businesses to experience too! Now, through Leverage Talent Enrichment, Clickstop is…

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Talent Enrichment: Engaging and Transforming Culture

Tell us about yourself. My name is Monica Steffeck and I’m our Chief Talent Enrichment Officer at Leverage. I came to Leverage after having worked in communications and marketing for a few years. I really wanted to work here because of a passion for employee engagement and helping people, sort of, reinvent their workplaces for…

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Work Life Balance: Make Time for Fun and Family

Written by: Casey Estling, Marketing Project Manager Have you ever needed (or wanted) to leave work early to attend a concert, a child’s sporting event, or a dentist appointment, but felt guilty for leaving before 5 pm? Have you ever gone into your child’s bedroom to kiss them goodnight only to find that they got…

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