Work Life Balance: Make Time for Fun and Family

Written by: Casey Estling, Marketing Project Manager

Have you ever needed (or wanted) to leave work early to attend a concert, a child’s sporting event, or a dentist appointment, but felt guilty for leaving before 5 pm?

Have you ever gone into your child’s bedroom to kiss them goodnight only to find that they got a stomach bug while they were sleeping? After a long night of washing sheets and frantic cleaning, the stress of missing work looms on the horizon.

But then – you remember that you no longer work at a company where staying home to tend to your family is an issue.

It’s a core value

This is one of the many intangible advantages of Clickstop being our parent company. We work hard, we play hard, we have fun, and we get down to business. We all strive to live out a vital Clickstop core value: Make Time for Fun & Family. This flexibility, willingness, and expectation ensures that we are not only focusing on work goals, but that our family remains the priority.

We are likely all familiar with the internal struggle of striving to be our best at our job, while also scrambling to attend every appointment, recital, and celebration. That elusive work/life balance that many employers claim to offer is actually a core value here at Leverage. We are expected to embody it just as much as we are expected to communicate respectfully and to make strategic decisions.

Because we can give our family our full attention when we’re with them, we are able to give our work our full attention when we’re not. We are more energized by our tasks, which are completed more efficiently (and of a higher quality) than they would if we were miserably trying to make it through the daily grind.

It’s what makes Leverage so unique

It also helps that a workday here doesn’t exactly look like the average workday anyplace else.

Have you ever painted your skin, clothes, and sporting equipment gold in order to look like one of your favorite childhood trophies before heading to work? Ever created a miniature golf hole (channeling your inner Kurt Russell character from the movie Overboard) and played a round of golf against co-workers on holes that each department designed? Followed up a one-on-one with your supervisor with a game of ping pong? Because those are perfectly normal and acceptable activities around here – activities that we participate in right before having a round-table discussion with the CEO where no question is off-limits.

It’s how we give you our best

Our culture of maintaining high expectations, combined with our passion and insistence on making time for fun and family, has forged an environment where we go home to our family at the end of the day (without our laptops) and easily give them our undivided attention. Then we arrive at the office each morning with renewed creativity and focus on giving our clients the best of our abilities.

So, here’s to enjoying life and being present in all the little moments. Because whether you’re reading a bedtime story or building an award-winning campaign, you’ll never get another chance to redo any of these moments.

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