Leverage Printing.


Commercial Printing

Because there will always be a place for print collateral.

Now equipped with the very esteemed HP Indigo 12000, we can say first-hand that print is definitely alive and well. With nearly 20 years in the printing industry, we’ve seen marketing trends rise and fall – and direct mail has stood the test of time. Now with variable data capabilities, each piece can be 100% customized to the recipient and our machine can turn it around on a dime.

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Printing Services

  • POP and Signage
  • Stationary
  • Sales Literature
  • Booklets and Folders
  • Calendars and Posters
  • Photo Prints

Variable Data Printing

  • Mail Fulfillment
  • Direct Mail Postcards
  • Personalized Self-Mailers
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  • Personalized Stitched Booklets* (up to 120 pages)

Variable Data Printing

A marketer's dream? Tailoring every message to perfectly suit each consumer. With VDP technology you can personalize 100% of the text, graphics, and images of every printed piece for each customer in your database. No need to pinch yourself. You’re not dreaming.

Marketing Materials

We’ve got one of only 700 Indigo 12000 in the world, of those only 100 are in the US - and there's only one in Iowa. Capable of printing on over 3,000 media types including black substrates, synthetics like window clings, and metallized textiles, your marketing collateral will be a guaranteed stand-out.


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Calendars & Posters

Did we mention we have an out-of-this world press? This bad boy uses sheets up to 20”x29” which allows us to provide fully customized posters, wall calendars, and specialty products. This is the largest digital sheet size in our marketplace, which means fewer press sheets are required (AKA a quicker turnaround time for you).

Mail Fulfillment

We produce it, and we deliver it. Your hot-off-the press mail piece can be shipped directly from our facility under the careful watch of a USPS certified Executive Mail Center Manager (EMCM). We ensure your pieces are assembled accurately and delivered on time while providing critical real-time data to help you make snap decisions.


EDDM (every door direct mail)

USPS Every Door Direct Mail is an affordable targeted advertising service that allows you to select the perfect mailbox by recipient age, income, or household size. Send us your art file, (or put our graphic design team to good use), we’ll print the ideal flat mail piece, help you select the ideal routes, then we handle the shipping and delivery. No stamp licking required!

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Pricing for Digital Imaging Services

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