Clickstop and Leverage named Coolest Place to Work

Clickstop, the Power Behind Leverage, Named Corridor’s Coolest Place to Work

Written by: Jeremy Meyer, Director of Communications


“We have the opportunity to better ourselves in so many areas,” said Marissa Romano, Campaign Strategist at Leverage, “This place really sets us up for success no matter what path we’re on.”


In 2013, the Corridor Business Journal (CBJ) unveiled a new way to recognize businesses for their culture.  Throughout the Eastern Iowa Corridor, companies of all sizes compete for the prize of “Coolest Place to Work.”  Winners are recognized within small (1-20 employees), medium (21-99 employees) and large (100 or more employees) businesses.  The crown jewel comes with the unveiling of the overall winner who can officially declare that they are the “Coolest Place to Work.”


Clickstop, the parent company of Leverage, has made the list each year. And this year, for the second time, the honor of “Coolest Place to Work” belongs to Clickstop and each of its business units.


Leverage and Clickstop employees at CBJ coolest places to work award ceremony

Because Leverage is comprised of the same employees that power the brands of Clickstop, this award belongs to Leverage just as much as it belongs to Clickstop.


Coolest Places to Work Video

The Leverage video production and animation team created the 2018 Coolest Places to Work video for Clickstop. Check it out:


But, this isn’t what makes Leverage so cool.


What’s So Cool About Leverage?


Leverage is not a consulting firm or run-of-the-mill marketing agency.

We’re a multi-service business partner and implementation agency offering marketingtalent enrichment, and technology services to help customers achieve their best.


Each day, our sole purpose is to help other businesses achieve at a sustainably high level. Whether it’s creating a visually captivating video for an award nomination, or implementing an organizational health action plan that leads to a nomination in the first place– Leverage supports you in crafting a meaningful strategy, and also provides the tools, resources, expertise, and elbow grease to bring that strategy to life.


What makes Leverage so cool is the fact that we weren’t formed with hopes of being successful. We were formed because of success.


member of Leverage collaborate on work and win coolest place to work

Leverage teammates collaborate on an Organizational Health Audit, one of the many services offered to increase employee engagement and enrich company culture.

It’s our mission to work with humble intensity to be our best – seeking perfection and achieving excellence in our journey. And while we’re good at doing great things, we’re also great at doing hard things. Our continued streak of nominations as the “Coolest Place to Work” is a prime example of this.


It’s the reason we offer Leadership Development Workshops to businesses externally and why the Talent Enrichment piece of Leverage exists. We know that the way we work is as important as the work that we do.


“Clickstop and Leverage as an employer really care about their people,” Marissa explained. “And as their employees, we really care about our clients. We’re not in the business of doing the same as everyone else, we’re in the business of engaging, partnering, and investing in the success of our clients.”


When you work with Leverage, your business essentially becomes a part of Clickstop. And that’s a pretty cool opportunity for all.


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