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4 Ways to be More Efficient with Your Print Marketing Materials

From saving time and money to maximizing impact, these are the print marketing tips your business needs.

Whether it’s signage for a real estate agency, menus for a restaurant, safety manuals for a manufacturer, or direct mail pieces for a grocery store, there will always be a need for print marketing materials.

For most businesses, nearly every decision on how to create print material boils down to two things; the time investment needed to create the material and the impact it will make in relation to cost.

Here are four actions you can take to be more efficient (and effective) with your printing process.

1. Get a Web-2-Print Storefront

A Web-2-Print storefront is a great way to streamline all your business printing needs and set yourself up for long-term efficiency. This storefront, or portal, is essentially a personalized microsite created just for your business. It houses templates of your commonly used print material and allows you to automate your printing needs while ensuring consistency. Once set up, you can log in from a computer at any time or place to quickly edit and order new print marketing material.

Contact Leverage Digital Imaging to learn more about setting up your personalized Web-2-Print Portal.

2. Use Print & Mail On-Demand Services

Printing on demand allows you to get exactly what you want, when you need it. If you’re looking to get high-quality print material in low quantities, print-on-demand is the ticket. There are no massive purchase orders, expensive inventory costs, or wasted out-of-date print material to deal with. Take it one step further with mail-on-demand services, and the time savings really add up for your business; all at a competitive cost. Printing and mailing-on-demand can all be done from your Web-2-Print portal with just the click of a button.

With the advanced HP Indigo 12000 and an in-house Certified Direct Mail Professional, Leverage Digital Imaging can print and deliver exceptionally high-quality marketing material at an affordable price point, sometimes saving you as much as 10% on postage rates.

3. Integrate Direct Mail into an Omni-Channel Campaign

If your business sends direct mail pieces, whether targeted direct mail or EDDM, it’s smart to align the look and feel with a larger campaign that spans across multiple channels of marketing. This means putting the same general message and design on your direct mail pieces, as on your website, social media accounts, email blasts, etc. The cohesiveness and comfortable familiarity that omnichannel campaigns create have been known to lift response rates, and that’s exactly what effective marketing material is supposed to do.

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4. Utilize Variable Data

We’ve posted about the many benefits and the general process of variable data printing before, but it’s worth mentioning here again. In an age where personalized marketing is becoming less a surprise and more an expectation, utilizing variable data on your print marketing materials is a no-brainer. It’s usually used on direct mail pieces but can also make a big impact on everything from product packaging, posters, envelopes, business presentations, catalogs, and more.

In the long term, variable data services can also reduce your overall print and postage costs by serving as a guide for how to show customers only the content that matters to them.

There you have it, four simple ways to start being more efficient and effective with your print marketing materials. Looking for more ways to step up your print game? Check out the specialty printing services available to you. There are so many more options than just printing on paper!

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