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5 Time Management Tips to Make You More Productive

Written by: Marissa Romano, Campaign Marketing Strategist

As a full-service marketing agency that serves as a robust partner to many brands and multiple clients in a very comprehensive way, our workload can at times feel overwhelming. No matter what your job is, I’m sure you can relate.

A few time management tips can make a big impact on how you manage the stress of a large to-do list and also assist in your prioritization. As a Campaign Marketing Strategist in charge of organizing multiple campaigns involving many different moving parts, here are my top five tips for staying organized and being more productive.

1. Set intentions for each new day

Every morning write your priority notes down and limit it 1-3 things you absolutely must get done that day, in order of importance. Take meetings into account to gauge how much time you really have. This will help you eliminate what can be done at a later time, but also keep you on track for the day knowing what is most important.

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2. Be decisive

It’s in our company’s creed to be decisive so we have plenty of practice with it, but really this helps with time management. Do not mull over minor things that have little to no impact. This will push project timelines out unnecessarily and cause priorities to slip if you do not make decisions immediately. Especially in meetings, create action items on these decisions straightaway, keeping all contributors fresh on the decision and how they can start working towards the goal. Know what decisions you need made in meetings and declare it at the start of the meeting.

3. Close down distractions

When you know you are going to start on a project, make sure you shut down any distractions including email, instant messaging apps, or project management tools. This will allow you to have a clear mindset when tackling the project, keeping you focused throughout. It will also minimize the number of times you move away and back into the project, which can add up quickly.

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4. Give yourself breaks

If you find yourself losing focus with the project you’re working on, or feeling uninspired, take a quick break from your desk. Go get a refill on your coffee, take a brisk walk, or challenge a coworker to a friendly game. Refreshing your mind can allow you to dive back in and finish it off quicker than fighting through a lull.

5. Plan for the future with efficiencies

Work smarter, not harder. If you are working on a project that you will likely see again in the future, take some of the time up front to put templates, practices, or even documentation in place to make it easier for the next go-around. Investing a little bit of time upfront can pay off in a big way later.

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