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Using email automation to fill the gap in your customer journey, post-purchase.

Written by: Marissa Romano, Campaign Marketing Strategist

Enhancing the customer experience will always be at the forefront of great companies. On the marketing side of things, this is no different. When our Leverage Marketing team maps out the customer journey for any of the brands we work with, we identify gaps in the experience that we seek to create engagement around.

One very practical way to fill these gaps is through email automation.  Over the past year, we’ve had the opportunity to rethink email workflow capabilities and apply it in a different way. In this post we’ll share interesting post-purchase uses for email workflows as it relates to the customer journey, separated by industry.


Identifying an extremely long sales cycle, we saw a need for continual touchpoints through the process. To fill this gap, we created nurturing campaigns to enhance the journey. Utilizing segments that we apply to individual contacts, we set up a workflow to send them information on what is happening during an otherwise very quiet time. Four segments were developed: educating, nurturing, onboarding and active. This helped the customer understand more about the product, gave them confidence in who was developing their product, and walked them through the process once they received it.


E-commerce companies have a great opportunity to develop post-purchase touchpoints, especially if their product requires a demonstration or explanation on how to use it. A client of ours identified their customer journey as a customer uses a search engine, lands on their website, buys a product and checks out, and a week later receives the product. This same client put an emphasis on customer service and ensuring that the product was at 100% satisfaction, so they fielded many service calls. At times, they would replace any product that had defects, but upon further research, they realized that simple education of the product could reduce the number of customers seeking replacements. Automated emails following the purchase of a particular product can be put in place in order to provide a tutorial on how to use the product and reduce the number of service calls. This touchpoint not only enhances the experience after purchase but provides a great value to the customer that competitors may not offer.


Enhancing the literal experience is how a few hospitality and transportation companies are using email automation to create touchpoints for their customers. After booking, you may find yourself receiving updates about confirmation numbers, receipts for your stay or trip, and other important information. To take this to a new level, use the destination location and pull your customers into a segment to provide them with valuable information that enhances their stay. For example, a hotel may provide you with nearby attractions or remind you to pack your swimsuit and gym clothes for you to use their amenities. Resorts can utilize automation to give you the lay of the land, provide a packing list, and update you on weather reports nearing your stay.

No matter what industry you’re in, email automation is a proven tactic that could give your business a huge boost. It’s a cost-effective way to fill gaps in the customer journey and, more importantly, to spark brand loyalty and repeat customers.

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