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4 Examples of How to Use Drone Video Services to Elevate Your Brand

Drone video services are a staple for many real estate and construction businesses looking to showcase property from a unique angle or survey land for an upcoming project. But the impact that drone video services can have on a business doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s a wedding venue, manufacturing plant, or even a gas station, just about any business can step up its marketing game by using drone services to create video content that is unique, engaging, and flat out breathtaking.

If you’ve seen drone footage before, you probably need no help understanding how impactful this stunning bird’s-eye footage can be. But, what you may not know is how to creatively weave drone footage into your video marketing strategy to better attract customers and retain existing ones.

Here are four different examples of how our very own FAA-certified drone pilot, Brian, used our drone (dubbed Buzz Aldrone by our creative marketing team) to capture 4K video with a specific marketing objective in mind.

Brian Lowe, Certified Drone Pilot

1. Set the scene

Almost every book and movie in existence start with setting the scene. Drone footage is arguably the most effective and efficient way of accomplishing this in a marketing video. In the example below, aerial drone footage is strategically placed at the very beginning and the very end of the video. Doing this not only sets the scene for everything that follows, but it also evokes a sense of parallelism that ties the whole video together.

2. Showcase your business

Just as real estate agencies use drone footage to capture houses and land, you too can use it to show off the exterior of your business. The goal is obviously not to sell your building for above market value, but to display it in a way that builds recognition, comprehension, and legitimacy to potential and existing customers. This is especially effective for brick and mortar businesses that depend on getting foot traffic through storefront recognition. It’s also great for other types of businesses that want to showcase the scale of their operation, the surrounding community they work in, or to simply put a face to their name.

3. Wow your viewers

Aerial drone video from miles above the ground essentially puts viewers in the passenger seat of a private helicopter ride with a completely unobstructed view. It’s pretty stunning to see parts of the world from miles above. But what if your business isn’t located in the midst of a lush green forest or a beautifully flowing waterfall? Well, try bringing the drone indoors to showcase your space from a completely unique vantage point that not even a helicopter could capture. This is especially effective in large, open spaces like a manufacturing floor or warehouse. What’s better, telling a potential customer you have a state-of-the-art 20,000 square-foot facility or showing them every inch of it in one sweeping full-color 4K drone shot?

4. Thank your customers

Have a message you want to send? Capture it with the engaging perspective of a drone to instantly elevate its impact. In the video below, our marketing team took a few minutes to give a shoutout to all our awesome clients. We also captured still photos of all Clickstop employees to use as a unique company photo. No matter what message you want to convey, it’s likely going to sound (and look) better with the help of stellar drone services.

Want to learn more about showcasing your business from above? Contact our certified drone pilot today to start the conversation.

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