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Written by: Valyn Bodensteiner, Communications Strategist

Google recently launched its annual report highlighting 51 businesses across the nation that utilize web and digital tools to grow.

Clickstop, the parent company of Leverage, is proud to be Iowa’s 2017 feature business, showcasing the history, inspiration, growth, and community impact of the company.

In 2017, 8,200 Iowa businesses, publishers, and nonprofits used Google search and advertising tools to connect with the people and communities they serve – generating $899 million in economic activity. By using Google products those businesses increased their online presence and were able to grow, bringing more money and jobs into the local economy.

Check out the Iowa report and read the story about Clickstop and Leverage on the Google Economic Impact website.


google adwords business success


“We wouldn’t exist without the web and Google tools. Our online presence is critical to capturing business.”

Tim Guenther
Clickstop Founder & CEO





How Google AdWords Works

Like Kleenex is to facial tissue, Google is to search engine. In 2017, Google dominated the search engine competition with an average net share of 74.54%. But, Google is way more than just the fastest way to settle a disagreement with your co-workers and friends (e.g., “Who sings that song Havana?” or “When were women allowed to vote?”).

Aside from being the go-to internet search engine, Google is also a highly impactful advertising company. In fact, the majority of their revenue is made by facilitating internet display ads. They leverage the 3.5 billion average daily searches to help connect consumers with relevant businesses.

And while this can be done for free through a basic search result, your web pages generally need to rank on the first page of Google’s search results to make consistent impressions (the average web user doesn’t go past the first five listings of a search result). And with millions of results for any given search, ranking in the top five is certainly a challenge.

That’s where Google AdWords comes in. Any business can take advantage of this digital advertising tool by creating short text ads and bidding in an online auction for the keywords they want their ads associated with. For example, a cargo control company might bid on the phrase “tie-down straps.” When someone types those words into Google, they will see the store’s website link (or product link) above other search results.


using google adwords to rank example

This screenshot illustrates how businesses can use Google AdWords to display at the top of the page.


Exact positing depends on the bid made compared to competitor bids. Businesses using AdWords to increase search result ranking only pay that bid amount when someone clicks on the ad and visits their website – in other words, when their advertising works.


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