Establish & Align to Core Values

Clear and consistent core values are an essential building block in our (Clickstop’s) journey as a long-time award winner of fastest growing company with multiple first place achievements as a top workplace.

This unique service provides you with access to and a partnership with the same team who has helped establish, innovate and sustain Clickstop’s award-winning culture.


What’s included:

  • We help you identify key behaviors and characteristics important to your business
  • Listen to all levels and parts of your organization
  • Apply our unique methodology to clarify and document values
  • Craft a communications plan to introduce core values to your organization
  • Identify and implement mechanisms to support and hold accountable your team to values for the long term
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Do it Yourself Implementation Package

Request more information about our program to implement and hold accountable your organization to core values. This includes items for download and printed materials that you can take to your organization to:

  • Introduce a core values initiative
  • Build consensus around key behaviors and characteristics across your whole company
  • Establish core values
  • Document behavior statements to recognize values in action
  • Create a communications plan to introduce values to your organization
  • Identify and create processes to support and hold your organization accountable to core values accurately and consistently