Strategic Alignment Workshop

A Collaborative Marketing Partnership Focused on Long-Term Results

A New Approach to Marketing

Leverage Marketing is focused on holistically growing your business through engagement and long-term planning. We do this by collaborating closely with you to craft a meaningful strategy to drive employee and customer engagement, and by providing the tools, resources, expertise, and elbow grease to bring that strategy to life.

We don't propose that you purchase items from a menu of services because we're far more invested in you than that.

Our proposal is geared toward long-term and sustainable results so it includes an initial Strategic Alignment Workshop and the deliverables we can guarantee with immediacy. These deliverables are the foundation for long-term strategic marketing that empowers growth for your business, with Leverage as your dedicated Team

Not Your Typical Agency

We don't propose that you purchase line items from a menu of services because we're far more invested in you than that.

1. Strategic Alignment Workshop

We seek to understand and contribute to your company's composition and long-term plan by kicking off our partnership with a collaborative workshop where we invite you to join a team of Leverage Marketing experts to hone in on your goals and plot out the road map to strategic initiatives, messaging, and the appropriate key performance indicators.

2. Custom Strategic Plan Creation

Once we're all aligned through the workshop, our team gets to work building your fully tailored plan unique to your brand. This written strategy supports the overarching campaign goal which includes an outline of initiatives and recommended timeline of delivery. Expect customer personas, segmentation recommendations, messaging platform, identification of effective channels, and an outline of key performance indicators and how to measure success.

3. Creative Development & Implementation

Once we're all in agreement with the plan in place, our team of experts becomes laser-focused on strategic execution by creating assets needed to capitalize on our initiatives. This could include graphic design, 3d motion graphics, video and drone shots, and photography. Armed with these assets, we implement on the most effective channels which could include owned media, paid media, and shared media.

4. Analytics Reporting

Launched? Perfect, but our work for you isn't done yet. After implementation, our attention turns to tracking the results and transparently sharing the data, analytics, and insight with you. We'll report it all to you in a language that's easy to understand, and we're always here to answer your most burning questions.

5. Continuous Growth

In this partnership, our ultimate goal is to provide sustainable and ongoing growth. So we're always looking for new ways to continue the growth trajectory by analyzing, adapting, and refining our work to ensure the tactics in play stay aligned with your industry, your goals, and your business.

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With years of experience driving growth under the Clickstop umbrella, the Leverage marketing team has developed this proven method of digging deep to create branding and business development strategies that resonate with target audiences and drive impactful results. It ensures alignment across teams, and inspires buy-in and commitment from each responsible party – we truly become an extension of your marketing team, working towards a shared goal. This method provides a level of creative relevance as well as the necessary strategic component to ensure the brand will be optimized and thrive, especially in the digital marketing environment.

Areas of Expertise

What kind of marketing do we do? That depends on your brand. This is not a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. We tailor our strategy by working alongside you. Our expertise stretches far, but we only plan for what is best for your business goals.


PPC (pay per click)


Video Production


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Graphic Design & Brand Identity


Email Marketing


3D Modeling


Social Media Marketing


Amazon Marketplace

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