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4 Steps to Better Employee Engagement

tips for increasing employee engagement at work

Backed by Research and Real-World Experience Written by: John Spanczak, Director of Employee Engagement   Improving employee engagement has an undeniably positive ring to it. But, it’s so much more than a good sounding marketing term used to recruit people. It’s something that truly impacts the results of your business and also creates a more…

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5 Reason why your Employee Recognition is Falling Flat (and how to fix it)

how to increase employee recogntion

Written by: Ashley Rambo, Sr. Talent Development Strategist Want more than words? Join us for our upcoming interactive employee recognition workshop: Inspire Greatness with Recognition.   Why businesses want a culture of recognition The business benefit of widespread employee recognition is impossible to ignore. Employee recognition is directly tied to employee engagement and high marks in this…

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Fresh Creative Ideas for your next Marketing Campaign

marketing inspiration and creative ideas

New month, new inspiration from the Leverage Creative team. But first, be sure to check out last month’s creative inspiration post if you haven’t already. This month, we’re sharing creative ideas for marketing that encompass graphic design, photography, videography, organic and paid social media, and tomato-filled direct mailers. Let’s dive in.   Direct Mail To…

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The Art of the Tracking Shot: Examples and Experiences of a Veteran Videographer

learn what a tracking shot is in film

Written by: Brian Lowe, Videographer Who doesn’t love a good tracking shot? It’s smooth. It’s fluid. The tracking shot is the perfect example of why cinema, motion video, film, movies, whatever you prefer to call it, is superior to photography. The movement of the camera and the images it’s capturing encapsulates so much information as…

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