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Motion Graphics vs Animation: Business Objectives and Best Practices

Written by: Jared Williams, 3D Motion Graphics Designer   So, you’ve realized how awesome motion graphics and animation is and you want to see how this type of video performs in your content marketing mix. Or, maybe your company is in need of a new internal training video that peaks the attention of your employees.…

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Why Your Business Should Start Leveraging Google AdWords

how to use google adwords

Written by: Valyn Bodensteiner, Communications Strategist Google recently launched its annual report highlighting 51 businesses across the nation that utilize web and digital tools to grow. Clickstop, the parent company of Leverage, is proud to be Iowa’s 2017 feature business, showcasing the history, inspiration, growth, and community impact of the company. In 2017, 8,200 Iowa…

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Creating Comedic Content

how to create comedic content

10 tips for reaching the audience funny bone   Written by: Cari McCoy, VP Creative Services   In business, being funny can feel scary. Humor can be polarizing, and people experience it in different ways, which can be a little unnerving for a marketer. But it’s important to remember that humor isn’t just comedy, it’s…

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Which Amazon Fulfillment Option is Best for Business?

amazon fulfillment options

Written by: Rhonda Giebelstein, Online Marketplace Strategist Amazon Prime Day starts at 3 p.m. Eastern on Monday, July 16, and will run through the end of Tuesday, July 17. Many Amazon users are under the impression that if an item is listed as Prime, it ships from an Amazon warehouse. However, in many instances that…

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